USA - PERÚ Trade Agreement:
The United States and Perú signed the United States - Perú Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) on April 12, 2006. The PTPA enteded into force on February 1, 2009. The PTPA is a comprehensive free trade agreement. The PTPA ofiers significant liberalization of trade is goods and services between the United Startes and Peru. Under the PTPA, Peru inmediately eliminated most of its tariffs on U.S. exports,with remaining tariffs phased out ever defined time periods.
Transit Time:
GSEA Peru ’s port of loading is conveniently located less than 10 miles from new Factory located in Callao. All LCL or FCL merchandise shipped ocean freight out of Peru arrives to the USA between 12 to 16 days whereas other leading international manufacturing companies such as those based in China and India are estimated at 25 to 35 days transit time.

This is clearly a tremendous advange for any merchandise produced by GSEA Peru delivering to contries such as those located in south America, Canada, Europe and the United States. Importing from Peru will give you a distinct time advange over importing from other competing countries.
Pima Cotton:
Pima cotton is soft, versatile and considered to be a superior blend of cotton. It has aplications in a wide variety of products,including socks, towels and shirts for both men and women, Lacoste, Land’s End and Eddie Bauer sell many products made from Pima cotton including their widely recognized polos and sweaters which are light to wear and yet very warm. One of the advantages of pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric and can last up to 50% longer than fabrics made from other forms of cotton. Pima cotton has a long and proud history and remains one of the finest cottons available on the market today.